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HotSpring SPA & Sauna in Riga

The power of water and heat.
When you rent our apartment you can enjoy Spa hydro massage and sauna.
We offer to You one of the most fully-featured HotSpring Spa.

Gather new life energy everyday. HotSpring spas deliver the ultimate experience in relaxation and enjoyment.
The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight, releaving pressure on muscles and joints. Instantly, physical and mental stress begin to melt away.
Due to special jet nozzles HotSpring Spa works just like experienced masseur. Jets are completely adjustable to create just the right sensation, from powerful and invigorating to gentle and soothing.

Settle in to your ideal seat in HotSpring Spa. Unwind to the soothing sound of a tranquil waterfall. Be immersed in your favorite song, and carried away by calming shades of color.

During your stay in our apartment in Riga, Hot Spring SPA and sauna will be ready on your request.

(1 hour/30 EUR )